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Monday, April 1
Wednesday, April 3
Monday, April 8
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Monday, April 15
Wednesday, April 17
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Wednesday, May 1
Tuesday, May 7
Sophomore/Second-Year Review
Tuesday, May 7
All work from VISC 202, VISC 204, VISC 302, VISC 304 must be hung on the walls/set on tables by 9:00am, sharp. More information will be provided closer to the date. Make sure you have all the projects as you handed them in, including any process books.

If a project or process book were handed in digitally, you do not need print

Wednesday, May 1
Present all your work for feedback. Work on what you need to, make your own to do list you all all at different plances on what needs to be designed, refined or finished. Please refer to the deliverables and make a plan. If you want feedback over the weekend or on Monday you can put everything on the google drive and DM me on Slack you get 1 round of feedback so get all your questions ready and ask them.

All deliverables due Tuesday, May 7 at 9:00am (behance post is the only exception)

Behance post due Thursday May 9 by 5pm. It is late or not public by 5pm your grade will drop 1 full letter grade. Get it done you have time to work on it after the Review. DM me on Slack for 1 round of feedback if you are intersted in feedback :) How can you showcase all your work final deliverables, animation, gifs, link to process book.