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Sophomore/Second-Year Review
Tuesday, May 7 
All work from VISC 202, VISC 204, VISC 302, VISC 304 must be hung on the walls/set on tables by 9:00am, sharp. More information will be provided closer to the date. Make sure you have all the projects as you handed them in, including any process books.

*If a project or process book were handed in digitally, you do not need print.

Monday, April 8

Present and Discuss
6 different names,
6 different taglines,
6 short paragraphs
+ 3 words for each concept (words that help find visuals)
+ 1 - 3 images that express the mood or tone

6 word pitch
Audience Persona

Speaker Content (if you skipped this part earlier do it now: and gather all the speaker info into one place (maybe a google doc). Speaker Name, (do they have a title/credentials), collect their bio, title of the talk, short description of the talk, at lease 1 quote from the talk, and one question that can be asked or answered.


Refine your concept: title, subtitle, paragraph.
If you are still between 2 different ideas work them both out.
If you skipped gathering all the speaker info before do it now.

Write an audience persona.
Very specific. Think of a person that would go to your conference. Try not to think about a peer but a person out there in the world. What is their name, how old are they, what level of education do they have, where do they live, who do they live with, do they have a pet (name the pet), do they binge watch -- what is it? do they read -- what do they read? what is the last movie they have watched? where do they shop? Walmart vs Target, Dillons vs the Merc? etc. Write it in a narrative.
Read this pdf

What is the difference between a moodboard and toolkit (in this case in this class :)

(develop 3 different ideas, rough but thoughtful first moodboard then toolkit, examples)
What does the type look like for the title/tagline, quote, date, body text?
What is the color palette?
How you are going to use color? Full, as tints, as overlays, as...
How you are going to treat photography? is it black and white, color, bit mapped, colorized?
If you are using illustration how does that look?
__ typography, font, styles, how it will be used..
__ color palette: define a palette/ and how you will use it/ overlay. pure. bold. soft
__ images: what images would you use/objects, place...
*   no headshots of speakers for this part
__ images manipulation… full color, bw, bitmapped, juxtaposed/collage...
__ patterns/textures: if you are using them what do they look like (you can just show an example)
__ icons if you were going to use them what is the style (you can just show an example)

Print out the 3 different Moodboard directions on 11 x 17.

Canvas Assignment: save your speaker information, audience persona and moodboards as a pdf and upload to Canvas for feedback. Mark in someway which one you are thinking you want to go with and why.

*If you are participating in a Design Week event DM me a photo of you at the event :) can be a group photo and get your pdf on canvas “on-time”.