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Monday, April 1
Wednesday, April 3
Monday, April 8
Wednesday, April 10
Monday, April 15
Wednesday, April 17
Monday, April 22
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Monday, April 29
Wednesday, May 1
Tuesday, May 7
Sophomore/Second-Year Review
Tuesday, May 7
All work from VISC 202, VISC 204, VISC 302, VISC 304 must be hung on the walls/set on tables by 9:00am, sharp. More information will be provided closer to the date. Make sure you have all the projects as you handed them in, including any process books.

If a project or process book were handed in digitally, you do not need print

Wednesday, April 24
Website or Program: Phase Three
Speaker Bumper: Phase Three
Digital Campaign: Refine and finalize
Swag: refine it now or at the end
Badges: pick direction and refine
Experience Graphics: Explore Designs for (4 different designs)Spaker Bumper *animatic start animating.
Behance post ins’t due until May 8 but start thinking about how you want to lay it out, get feedback from your peers, have a list of assets you want to create.
Start blocking out how you want to show off your project on the 5+ 11x17 project boards due May 7 by 9:am (late boards will drop your project grade by 1 full letter grade. Plan now.