Variable font family commissioned by Google Fonts is meant to capture and improve upon the charming router-carved type of US National Parks. Microsite︎︎︎:: Google Fonts︎︎︎

Examples of projects, results, teaching statement, and sample syllabi.

Typographic Universe gives the design student an introduction to the world of type design. 

Students working, exploring, and expanding their skillsets to create change and impact communities.


Creative work In-progress. Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione in Cornuda, Italy. Working with Tipoteca Director Sandro Berra on the digitization of a selection of wood type.

Creative work reasearch. A series of P5.js experiments exploring the intersection between typography and code. Generative Typography. Type@Cooper 2020

Creative work reasearch. Various studies using Drawbot / Python. Python for Visual Designer. Type@Cooper 2022