Living, teaching, working in the university town of Lawrence Kansas. Andrea Herstowski joined the University of Kansas as an Assistant Professor in 2002. Currently, Associate Professor in Visual Communication Design & Associate Dean of Administration,  School of Architecture and Design.

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Variable font family commissioned by Google Fonts is meant to capture and improve upon the charming router-carved type of US National Parks. Microsite︎︎︎:: Google Fonts︎︎︎

Examples of projects, results, teaching statement, and sample syllabi.

Typographic Universe gives the design student an introduction to the world of type design. Website︎︎︎

Students working, exploring, and expanding their skillsets to create change and impact communities.


Creative work In-progress. Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione in Cornuda, Italy. Working with Tipoteca Director Sandro Berra on the digitization of a selection of wood type.

Creative work reasearch. A series of P5.js experiments exploring the intersection between typography and code. Generative Typography. Type@Cooper 2020

Creative work reasearch. Various studies using Drawbot / Python. Python for Visual Designer. Type@Cooper 2022