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Sophomore/Second-Year Review
Tuesday, May 7
All work from VISC 202, VISC 204, VISC 302, VISC 304 must be hung on the walls/set on tables by 9:00am, sharp. More information will be provided closer to the date. Make sure you have all the projects as you handed them in, including any process books.

If a project or process book were handed in digitally, you do not need print.

Wednesday, April 10

Review Moodboards
Create 2-Day Schedule

12345 |  78 |

big weekend of homework do not put it off until Sunday or Monday ;(

Create 2-Day Schedule If you didn’t finish creating your 2-day schedule in class finish it. (not designed, only create a text version of a two-day shedule)

This is the fun part!
Explore 25 different (wide range, wide variety of Typographic only solutions for the Title (and maybe the subtitle) of your conference. Yes 25. 

Explore 4 different kinetic design directions. Use the illustrator file for each direction. There are 6 different formats with different content -- read the notes and Pick 1 Moodboard and start to develop a Tool Kit(s) (specific elements/assets you can use when designing)

Start building out how things can work together in a kinetic system. :: Use this illustrator file :: . Please put the content that is requested on each format. Those directions are on a layer so turn them off. A kinetic system isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It means you're not merely adjusting things to fit a predetermined mold. How can you alter the elements' proportions to create a cohesive system? The six formats within this single solution aren't just about range; they represent shifts in form, structure, and hierarchy—exploring new directions, reorganizing, adjusting proportions.

These explorations offer glimpses into what the design could become across six different formats. It's about unrestricted exploration using your toolkit. Avoid being rigid or overly cautious. The only mistake is to avoid exploring altogether. Enjoy this creative process—it should be enjoyable. (Through this exploration, new or refined toolkits may emerge.)

Reminder: save everything to your process book.
Print out for class you should have 4 11 x 17 sheets of kinetic systems at at least 5 pages of type only solutions (5 or so per page). Upload to Canvas for process grade!