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Sophomore/Second-Year Review
Tuesday, May 7
All work from VISC 202, VISC 204, VISC 302, VISC 304 must be hung on the walls/set on tables by 9:00am, sharp. More information will be provided closer to the date. Make sure you have all the projects as you handed them in, including any process books.

*If a project or process book were handed in digitally, you do not need print

Wednesday, April 3

Present Research
Next steps develop concepts/themes/titles/taglines

Develop Concept/Theme. Conference Name. Tagline.
Developing a theme for your conference is an essential step that sets the tone and direction for the entire event. A theme serves as the guiding principle, providing coherence and focus to the presentations, discussions, and activities throughout the conference. It acts as a unifying thread that ties together diverse topics and perspectives, creating a cohesive and engaging experience for attendees.

Think about the audience you are targeting and what topics or issues are most relevant and compelling to them. The theme should resonate with attendees and inspire their participation and involvement.

A great theme captures the essence of the conference, sparks curiosity, generates interest among potential participants, and acts as a visual springboard when developing the look and feel of your conference.

Use what you collected for last class…
Capture ____key points ____phases ____words they use ____things they refer to.
Common theme(s)/thread(s)
3 - 6 question(s) that can be answered
6 questions that can be asked.
Overarching/ big ideas about the conference

^ if you didn’t do a great job or you don’t have things to pull from start by reworking the list.


TO DO...
Work down the list. Format your work into a wide screen presentation (should just become part of your process book). Design it. Use a grid. Design Principles. Typographic Principles. (examples are on the google drive)

Can be virtual or in a place/city, pick some where interesting for your Conference how can where you have it affect the theme and who attends?

Who will attend your conference (don’t say anyone or everyone be very specific)
Who are your Speakers

Now that you have done the who and where. Start to develop a concept. You need 6 different names, 6 different taglines, 6 short paragraphs, + 3 words for each concept (words that help find visuals, + 1 - 3 images that express the mood or tone (tech, organic, east coast, west coast, retro, vintage, etc just try)

Brainstorm words that can capture, expand, twist your thread. Start with these ideas… expansion, expanding, unfold, unravel, extend, distend, broaden, develop, multiply, disjoin, combine, reveal ... or any other words. What 2 words could you put together to make a thread? Maybe a metaphor? Look at some Action Verbs.

What is the concept? The Big Idea?
-- Name of the Conference
-- Tagline
-- Write 3 -5 sentences about your conference to support, expand, the idea behind the name and tagline. This would be used on your promotion materials

Start off your pdf with all the stuff you had for last class, where, then the who, then all the concepts... followed by one page/screen for each idea (x6)
Conference Name
Short Paragraph
3 words (words that evoke emotion or a visual)
1 - 3 images that express the mood *don't have a visual that matches your topic ie: coral or a mind or a book you want to have an image that shows the mood or tone like something that looks like tech or looks organic, or looks complicated or menacing or .... get it? just try.

Please end presention with all 6 titles and 6 taglines on one page so we can discuss them easily.

Add homework to your previous presentation and save it as pdf. Upload it to CANVAS (there is an assignment). Be ready to flick it onto the TV to present on Monday*. If you are on a PC upload it to the google drive and I can pull it from there for you to present. If you have questions please use Slack to DM me.

*If you are participating in a Design Week event DM me a photo of you at the event :) can be a group photo and get your pdf on canvas “on-time”. Please include in your pdf which idea(s) you think are the strongest. Can’t give you feedback you don’t tell me what you favoring and why.

(This becomes part of your process book). Design these presentations so you can stitch them together to make a digital, screen based process book.


Diversity Sparks
Fostering Growth Through Inclusion
Celebrate the vibrant synergy that diverse perspectives ignite. Join us as we explore how embracing diversity fuels creativity, sparks innovation, and leads to breakthrough solutions. Get ready to be inspired by the transformative power of inclusion!

Thriving Together
Fueling Growth as One
Join us to celebrate the power of collective synergy and shared success. Experience an atmosphere charged with excitement and possibilities as we explore how collaboration fuels growth and unlocks unlimited potential. Be part of this transformative journey towards mutual prosperity and envision a future where we thrive together as a unified force.

Mirror of Humanity
Reflect, Connect, Thrive
Mirror of Humanity: Reflect, Connect, Thrive invites you to delve into self-reflection, forge meaningful connections, and thrive in a diverse world. Join us in exploring the power of self-awareness and empathy as catalysts for personal growth and societal harmony. Get ready for an enlightening experience that will inspire positive change within and beyond!

Unearthing Humanity’s Origin
The Evolution of Graphic Communication
Unearthing Humanity’s Origin: The Evolution of Graphic Communication beckons you on a captivating journey to explore the ancient roots of human expression and graphic communication through the fascinating history of early European art. By examining the artistic expressions of our ancestors, we gain insights into the complexities of human cognition and the universal language of visual storytelling that transcends time and geographical boundaries. Join us in uncovering the universal language of visual storytelling and gaining insights into the complexities of human cognition that transcend both time and geographical boundaries

Beyond Boundaries: Unraveling the Puzzle of Personality
Join us for an enlightening journey of exploration and understanding. Beyond Boundaries: Unraveling the Puzzle of Personality beckons participants to delve into the intricate layers of human identity, examining the moments when individuals defy conventional boundaries and reveal deeper truths about themselves. This captivating title underscores the theme of self-discovery and the impact of cultural influences on shaping our personalities.

(use Chat GPT and edit it)Do you like scary movies? (Don’t Go In There) Conference is a brand identity for a horror movie gathering, featuring speakers who talk about the sexism of horror, the absurdist themes of the genre, and other horror-related topics. Inspired by vintage cinematography and photography as ways to reframe how we think of horror.

(Don’t Go In There) is an electrifying and spine-chilling gathering that celebrates the captivating world of horror movies. Immerse yourself in a journey that promises to send shivers down your spine and ignite your imagination. With a focus on pushing boundaries and uncovering the hidden depths of horror, this conference is not for the faint of heart. Join us as we dare to explore the darkest corners of cinematic terror, challenging perceptions and unraveling the cultural impact of fear-inducing narratives.