Resident Expert
Teach us about a Typeface

Focuses on learning to identify fonts, font characteristics and type classifications. And then teaching them to us -- you become the resident expert of a Typeface. The task is to teaching the audience everything there is to learn about a specific typeface. Who designed it, when, its character, how to identify it.,,

Graphic design professionals are expected to recognize an almost infinite number of typefaces; it is essential, therefore, that one begins by learning the parts of the letter (terms), characteristics and to classify typefaces into these major historical, categories (type classifications): Old Style, Transitional, Modern, Slab Serif, Sans Serif.

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_ understand the anatomy of letterforms
_ understand history of typography
_ understand type classifications
_ explore the expressive potential of typography
_ solve communication problems within given parameters
_ methodically document relevant design inspiration and process
_ present and assess work in a visually and verbally articulate manner
_ professionally document outcomes

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Emma Gustafson

Allie Feigeles


Sally Carmichael

idea exlorationsJuila Doan


Anna Matuella

The type workbook is a series of investigations, the content ranges from typographic studies to typesetting rules.

Learning to identify typefaces,  characteristics, and type classifications. And then teaching them to us. Students become the resident expert.

The principles of what makes a good layout or series of spreads are the same design principles when you design a brand story, website, motion/animation, etc

The challenge is to imagine, design, and produce the materials for a 2-day conference on a topic based on any

Professional Practice/ Portfolio

Development of a design portfolio. The course addresses the process of building a portfolio that meets professional standards and professional practices for designers.

Typographic Universe gives the design student an introduction to the world of type design. Designing type systematically with a focus on looking at, defining, and refining the interrelationships between forms.

Design for Good. Design Director. Students working, exploring, and expanding their skillsets to create change and impact the community.