Starting with rule-based and design system assignments and then proceeding to more open-ended design problems requiring analysis and conceptual solutions, students learn the aesthetic, intellectual, and technical skills to set their feet firmly on the path to becoming productive and life-long learners.

Create a typeface based on a set of visual rules and guidelines that govern the actions and decisions involved in creating letters.

The type workbook is a series of investigations, the content ranges from typographic studies to typesetting rules.

Learning to identify typefaces,  characteristics, and type classifications. And then teaching them to us. Students become the resident expert.

The principles of what makes a good layout or series of spreads are the same design principles when you design a brand story, website, motion/animation, etc ︎︎︎ New York Times, ︎︎︎ Malcolm Gladwell, ︎︎︎ Photographer Feature

The challenge is to imagine, design, and produce the materials for a 2-day conference on a topic based on any

Typographic Universe gives the design student an introduction to the world of type design. Designing type systematically with a focus on looking at, defining, and refining the interrelationships between forms. Website︎︎︎

Portfolio/ Professional Practice course.

Design for Good. Design Director. Students working, exploring, and expanding their skillsets to create change and impact the community.

Educational experiences outside the Kansas classroom: study abroad, short courses in other cities, and city visits.

Student Awards︎︎︎