Typographic Workbook

The type workbook is a series of investigations. The content ranges from typographic studies to typesetting rules in typography. It is a time-intensive project that requires a lot of attention to detail. The workbook should hold together as one document. There are different types of information to be "displayed".

Triana Thomspon

Through the use of quirky illustrations and subtle word play, Awkword: Typography for the Socially Ineptexplores and breaks down the rules of typography with a lax enough attitude to show that they can (and should) be broken.

Award: FLUX AIGA Blue Ridge
Award: AIGA KC A11 
Judges Choice: "Awkword was well written and well designed. The features were memorable, but even more memorable was the attention to detail. Page numbers, captioning, folios, body copy, headlines ... it was all closely considered and appropriately dispatched, which is rare for a student project. This is professional work."  – AIGA A11 Judge: Jennifer Kinon - Founder of Champions for Design

Abby Miles

Mary Sniezek

Keaton Flowers

Emma Gustafson

Connor O’Neil

The type workbook is a series of investigations, the content ranges from typographic studies to typesetting rules.

Learning to identify typefaces,  characteristics, and type classifications. And then teaching them to us. Students become the resident expert.

The principles of what makes a good layout or series of spreads are the same design principles when you design a brand story, website, motion/animation, etc

The challenge is to imagine, design, and produce the materials for a 2-day conference on a topic based on any Ted.com/topics.

Professional Practice/ Portfolio

Development of a design portfolio. The course addresses the process of building a portfolio that meets professional standards and professional practices for designers.

Typographic Universe gives the design student an introduction to the world of type design. Designing type systematically with a focus on looking at, defining, and refining the interrelationships between forms.

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