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VISC 525/ADS 560: Typographic Universe

The primary goal of this studio is to give the Design student an introduction to the world of Type Design. Type Design looks at the sequence of black-and-white forms, requires equal attention to the form of the characters and the spaces around them. We will practice designing type systematically, focusing on looking at, defining, and refining the interrelationships between forms. Particular attention will be paid to the techniques and best practices for creating, drawing, and spacing type. The course uses Glyphs 3, a MAC only software program.

To get you to this point: Chicory,  Waffle,  Femme, Gecko,  Ambrosia, Vertigo we have to start with the basics. 


GLYPHS: do not purchse until we chat
Tutorials: take a look


January 29

nclopdh + introduction to variable fonts

February 12

proportion + practice variable construction

March 20

revival type + numbers/figures + symbols

April 1

matching personalities + bestoke typefaces

Finals Week

final project + promotional experience

Modular Font

Numbers and Figures



Getting Words *does not work in Chrome

Testing Docs

Online Testing