Wednesday, Oct 11

Illustrator, Glyphs, Behance
Seek feedback

Work in small groups to get feedback on your typeface, behance post, process book.
Build out/ Refine/Finalize everything that is due: Glyphs File, Behance Post, Process Book

Glyphs file.
Go through and clean up any letters, fix spacing.
Ask any questions you have about any of your letters or issues in Glyphs.
Attention to detail and consistency in crafting individual glyphs.
Ensured uniformity and coherence throughout the entire typeface.
Attempt to correct spacing

Behance Post/Process Book
Established clear hierarchy
Legibility, readability, and appropriate use of type styles.
Typography elements are integrated with the grid.
Appropriate line lengths, and readability.
Design principles such as Gestalt, Scale, Contrast, Tension, and Space.
Used a grid system. Consistency in column widths, gutter spaces, and alignment of elements.
Align elements to the grid lines and how proximity is maintained between related elements.

Behance (make sure you include all the following, you can have more but not less)
Font Name
At least 1 image (could have more, but at least 1)
3 Descriptive words (mood/tone)
Pangram (or quote or phrase)
3 - 5 Characteristics (called out. such as small counterforms, round courners)
Modular System ​(show the parts somehow)
Entire uppercase or lowercase (numbers or punctuation optional)
*make sure you show off your letter(s) large and small. (test for legibility)

Project will be graded on... Process: Throughout each class, demonstrated consistent progress, showing a proactive approach to exploration and taking risks.
Participation and Responsiveness: Actively engaged in discussions and critiques, demonstrating a willingness to receive feedback and incorporating it into the next step
Problem-solving: Effectively addressed challenges encountered during the font creation process, showcasing strong problem-solving skills.
Typeface Craft: Final Typeface exhibits a modular system, showcasing attention to detail and consistency in crafting individual glyphs. Ensured uniformity and coherence throughout the entire typeface, resulting in a visually cohesive style. Attempted to correct spacing.
Project Presentation: Both the Behance post and Process Book displayed clarity, organization, and professionalism. The overall aesthetics and visual communication were well-executed, established a clear hierarchy in their presentation.
Typography Principles: Effectively applied typographic principles, focusing on legibility, appropriate secondary font, the appropriate use of type styles. Typography elements were thoughtfully integrated with the grid, maintaining consistent baseline alignment, appropriate line lengths, and readability.
Design Principles: Incorporated design principles such as Gestalt, Scale, Contrast, Tension, and Space, creating a visually engaging and harmonious design.
Grid Usage: Utilized a grid system consistently throughout the process book and Behance post. Column widths, gutter spaces, and element alignment were maintained coherently, resulting in a well-organized design.
Attention to Detail: Precision in element placement and adherence to the grid structure were evident, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.
Followed Directions: Demonstrated excellent time management by submitting the project on time and adhering to the given instructions.

Seek feedback: Be open to receiving constructive criticism and feedback, using it to refine and elevate your work.


If you want to DM me on Slack for feedback I am happy to give you 1 round of feedback (no back and forth)

Due Next class

Finalize everything that is due. Tips ^

working font (hand in Glyphs File)
oft file
process book (digital as a pdf)
behance post (submit link)

Process Book digital format and a pdf. It must be well organized, labeled, name on it!. Make sure you include:
_ Your Name
_ Project Description
_ Project Overview
_ All of the process: notes from class, crits and discussions, sketches to final.
_ Final product.

Hand-in files. Create a folder with yourfirst_lastname. In the folder put a copy of your Glyphs file and a pdf of your process book. Upload the folder to the class Google Drive. Add your name and link to your behance post to to this file.