Monday, October 2

Refine, Clean-up, Define
Adobe Illustrator
Iterate and Refine

Pick the most interesting direction to refine.
Refine any letters you have done so far. What letters are still giving you trouble.

Prep your illustrator file to copy and paste into Glyphs. Make sure you are using the template and your letters are at the correct size to copy and paste. SAVE AS do not save over your sketches. For your favorite direction. Save your illustrator file and now SAVE AS name it something new and merge all your parts and clean up the letters. Please put you illustrator file on the google drive

Defining personality/feeling/mood (just get started, will change but start)
_ Write down a few reasons WHY you selected this direction.
_ What words would you use to describe your font? (Sharp, Soft, Constructed, Round, Elongated, Angled... and Elegant, Graceful, Nostalgic, Refined, Warm, Approachable, Futuristic, Enigmatic, Bold, Cold, Vast, Innovative, Technological, Sci-Fi, Interstellar...)
Make a long list ^
_ Pick least 3 - 6 words that describe the shape, mood, emotion, personality of your letters.
_ Imagery start looking for images that match or enhance or question your mood tone...
Find 6 – 12  different photo/ illustrations so you have some choice (you can pick from)
Please only find copyright free.

See the class syllabus for a list of image sources <-- use the list!


Explore different solutions to letters that are giving you trouble, refine in Illustrator. Please keep adding to the template. By adding the next of letters you are testing out your modular system and hopefully finding your favorite direction. And pushing your idea further.

Next Class GLYPHS!

Iterate and refine: Embrace an iterative design process, continuously refining and evolving your ideas.