Wednesday, Sept. 27

Critique,  Expanding Sets
Adobe Illustrator
Trust your intuition

Picking most interesting 2 directions 

Add letters to your top 2 directions T I U S M K X W Z /or/ i u s m k x w z

Explore options for the letters that are giving you trouble.

INTRO TO GLYPHS (glyph demo file)
Baseline, x-height, cap height, ascender height, descender length.
Copy and paste H, N and n
Cleaning up in Glyphs = Paths - > Tidy up Paths
Anchors and Handles
Create stroke
Make E make h
Serif (components_
Round corners.
Save your Glyphs File: yourname_practice
Save often.
Put this file google drive so you can get it again later.


Adding letters to your top 2 directions. Use the template
*it is very important that you use the template. It is given to you for a reason. Use it.

While you are working by hand or on the computer you will find some letters give you trouble, just keep making variations of that letter and you will be able to pick the best option. (k, n, b, p)

Explore different solutions to letters that are giving you trouble, refine in Illustrator. Please keep adding to the template. By adding the next of letters you are testing out your modular system and hopefully finding your favorite direction and pushing your idea further.

Print out for class. Save as a pdf for your process book
*reminder to work on your process book :)

Trust your intuition: Let your instincts guide you in making creative decisions and taking bold leaps.