Andrea Herstowski

office hours by appointment
Sam Yates

office hours by appointment

Portfolio/Professional Practice: Calendar

meet one on one outside of class. sign up.
please meet in the Forum on these dates:
August 22
August 31

be prepared to present your work via zoom to professionals on ...
September 19
October 5
November 14
December 14

more information will be given closer to the date. please mark your calendars now. the professional will “grade” you on a scale of
1. needs improvement
2. average
3. above average



Project Refine/Expand

Project Redo

Blurbs/Project Descriptions

Interview Portfolio

October 12 - 11: Fall Break
October 12: Switch to Sam

class roster
Arnold, Lizzy
Bauer, Jasmin
Bodel, Travis
Booth, Lily
Buckles, Annie
Bundy, Chase
Cart,  Kaylee
Cronemiller, Elise
De La Rosa, Isaac
Farris, Merrick
Feigeles, Allie
Flowers, Keaton
Gonzales, Alyssa
Gustafson, Emma
Miles, Abigail
Myers, Emily
Myers, Anne
O'Neill, Connor
Obadare, David
Pope, Hallie
Rouchka, Maggie
Schmidt, Kate
Slaven, Maggie
Thomas, Caroline
Toth, Christian

Due: Aug 24

google drive


Due: Aug 31

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Due: Sept 19

google drive

Due: Sept 21

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Due: Oct 5

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