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Interview Portfolio : PDF Portfolio

Why do you need this? With all the online presence you have the person interviewing you has most likely already spent time on your website, they may have looked at your LinkedIn, your instagram, dribble, ect. Another reason is you show up with your computer but you are not allowed on their network so you can’t connect to your website, or maybe you forget to charge your laptop and you just don’t have enough charge to make it through the interview. Lastly, with your inteview portfolio you control the pace.

You can use this pdf for both an in-person interview or zoom/google hangout/ teams, etc meeting. The interview is a time to talk about your projects in-depth, talk about process as well as outcomes. What can you add to your interview portfolio that they haven’t already seen or read?

When you are setting up an interview you can ask them questions such as...
How much time do I have?
Who am I meeting with?
Are there any projects that you saw on my website that you would like me to talk about?
Are there any types of projects you would like me to share?
* then you can alter your pdf to the interivew. leave time for questions!

CONSIDERDesign it in InDesign, Illustrator, Keynote, Powerpoint. Use which ever technology is best for your work. *If you want to add videos, gifs ect Keynote maybe the better option. Design it in wide screen. Keep your work as the main focus -- not design elements. If you have text test it for legibility before you finish it. Get feedback on the presenation before you finish it. Keep it flexible so if you only have time to show 3 projects, or if you need to tailor it to the interview you can rearrage it. Keep if organized, flexible and impactful. You control the timing.

As with everything this will take time design. It is not just pulling your images down into a pdf.

Hampton W | pdf presentation
Sam B | pdf portfolio
Kelly M  | pdf presentation
Skyler B | pdf portfolio
Naomi S | pdf presenation 
Amy D | pdf presentation   
Morgan D | pdf presentation 


Sometimes when you are applying for an internship or a  job they ask for a pdf. This presenation porfolio can be the samething. Often they have file size restrictions so pay close attention to the restrictions. 

Beth S

Allie F

Printed Portfolio Examples

feel the need to have a printed portfolio. do it! it is in addtion to the website and pdf portfolio (now with so many inteviews happening online you still need a pdf)
Erin B
Jacob G

Lauren H
Sally C

Due: Oct 5

google drive and be prepared to present to professionals