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Writing about your project

Take time to write, rewrite or edit how you talk about a project. For online it is your voice when you are not present. What do you want people to know about your project when they look at your work online. How do you create a case study? What text do you want to have onscreen when you are presenting your work.

Titles and blurbs are very important that they are descriptive, clear, well written and consistent.
How do you title your projects.
Looking at what you wrote for your project assesment what other information do you want to include? *subtitles, media, brand attributes, mood/tone, typefaces

Edit/rewrite our project descriptions so they are in the same voice. Make them consistent. That they are descriptive and in the active voice. Avoid these phases... “this is a poster” “This project”, “We or I was asked to”

... use the active voice.
Think about ... Challenge, Concept, Solution,
Think about ... Audience, Mood/Tone, Keywords
Think about ... Typeface, Color palette


Peculiar Pickings
Illustration, Packaging

Peculiar Pickings offers unique variations of pickles sourced from around the globe. The brand needed a system to share its variety of product while maintaining consistency.

Using a combination of illustration and typography I created a series of labels that could expand as the product line grew.

Inspired by vintage travel posters, the series of labels aimed to encourage adventurous eating while staying approachable. The modified Bodoni type references stencils used for labeling crates during shipping.


Soft Moving Co.
Brand Identity & Art Direction
Soft Moving Company introduces gentleness as a yet-considered asset in the moving industry, and hopes to treat the planet, clients, and their posessions with consideration and care. Soft also seeks to establish fairer industry standards by sharing fiscal data—such as prices, archived digital invoices, compensation details, and financial reporting—publicly.

California Avocados
2021 MERCH
California Avocados’ 2021 merch collection pays tribute to the establishment’s rich history and long-time claim of being California’s original state fruit. The warm, organic, and premium quality of California Avocados influenced the type, illustrations, textures, and lockups that constructed the design system.

The color palette creates a serene and peaceful tone that displays the hues found in an avocado grove and represents abundance, stability, and growth as well as establishes a sense of history and permanence. The main typeface is a rough, hardworking font with imperfect lines and apertures that reflect the handiwork of farmers and details in nature like sunlight shining through leaves. To create a hero illustration that is totally unique to California Avocados, I combined the two icons of our namesake: California (the palm tree) and avocados. The icon carries through the qualities from the typeface and color palette of handcrafted, charming, and natural and the linework creates a textured look that embodies the natural roughness of avocados. The design system has a focus on texture and recreating a classic vintage quality to establish heritage that reinforces the main inspiration for the collection of being the original golden state fruit.




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