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Project Expand

there is a project(s) that you have in your portfolio that you think it would have been great if I had had the time to add... or when showing your project to someone they said it would be great if you added... This is the time to examine which project needs a bit more.

Which project(s) needs a to be expanded (and maybe a bit refined) to tell a more complete visual story?

Pick any projects you have done so far from the food truck to app to magazine, zine to self-initiated... Please keep in mind for this project it should be be a project that you already have the visuals figured out but it just needs time to be refined and expanded to be in your portfolio.

*Do not pick a project that you want to completely redo or restart.
This is something that needs tweeking or expanding only.

hings to think about...

___ Develop a brand story/visual toolbox/toolkit

___ What can be added to make the concept, idea, product more compelling? richer? smarter?

___ How can you expand the touch-points of the project?

___ Where would people find it? Or see it? Or interact with it?

___ How could you use social media
___ Showing an adaptive web/mobile solution
___ Could you add lifestyle photography to warm it up? Establish the target audience visually?

___ Refine typographic details (kerning, tracking, leading, hierarchy)

 If you had a lot of writing and process, think about showing process.



Bona Bakery combats gentrification through experimental pricing structures and a radical mission: that quality foods should be available to everyone, regardless of race, zip code, or economic status. My concept situates Bona at 40th and Troost Avenue in Kansas City, MO, the unofficial color line of Kansas City’s segregated history and the current focus of urban development projects.

Project If is a campaign that promises change in America. It is passionate and emotion-driven with the purpose of reaching people through empathy and compassion. It is about telling the stories of those who no longer can and making a difference in their honor.

Expanding a campaign, add motion.. Project-Consent

Make sure you have these answers before you start.
What project are you going to expand/refine?
What is it going to add to your portfolio. What story is it going to tell?
Why is it important?
How are you going to start the redesign? new research? mood boards? audience? typographic studies?

Due: Aug 31

google drive: Create a wide screen pdf presention of the project. As if you were showing it to someone for the first time. Do not tell us what you did. Tell us a story. Problem (questions asked), Audience, Solution (how you solved the problem), why you made the deliverables.... not here is a poster I made.