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Get ready to apply for an internship.
Let’t get this staight from the start. Your behance site is the portfoio you need to send to people to get an internship. The links below take you to the Portfolio Website.



For an intership a Behance website is perfect! The general one is great or you can switch it to myportfolio. Take some time to edit how present your projects, edit the text and unpublish some of your older projects or projects that are not so great. If the job posting asks for a pdf portfolio take a look at the interview portfolio page. If you get an interview it is a good idea to have some sort of pdf presenation.


A designer can tell a lot from your resume. Check out the link on what to put on your resume, tips on how to format it and examples. Don’t over design it. It is a typographic excercise not a platform to show your personality.

Initial Email or Coverletter

Your first email to a potential employer is all they have to make a first impresson about you. Don’t rush or hit send before you read through these tips and have someone read it before you send it.


Edit or rewite how you talk about your projects online. You are not there to talk through the project so what does the viewer need to know about the problem, process and solution?


Start to get a head start on who you want to work with or work for. Who are your design heros. Start by readhing through Research and get started on a document that you can continue to update.