Faculty Advisor

KU Design Week 2019

Branding and poster installation for the 2019 University of Kansas Design Week. KU Design Week is a nine-day annual event that takes place in mid-February to promote creative rejuvenation, collaboration between, and confidence within the student body. The concept this year was "One" which is representative of the unity that exists across the 1000 students, 65 faculty members, and 5 majors that together to form one creative community.

Award: Best Typography, National Student Show 2019

Perspectives and Illusions

Design Week 15

10,000 Hours

Work in Progress

Hardly Working


Educational experiences outside the Kansas classroom: study abroad, short courses in other cities, and city visits

A cross-disciplinary group of students working together over a weekend to Think Wrong on how to solve a problem. Professional advisors include John Bielenberg, Jamie Koval, Read Worth.

Kiosk Magazine︎︎︎

The award-winning Kiosk is managed, edited, and designed by KU students. Faculty Advisor. 

Ampersand workshop with Erik Marinovich