Faculty Advisor

KU Design Week 2017

A Work in Progress is defined as an individual who has not yet reached his or her peak potential. As students in design, we often feel pressured to reach our peak with every project, but we need to remember that we are still developing into the designers we dream of being. We encouraged students to embrace their bad ideas, celebrate their mistakes, and recognize all the progress they have made since day one.

Art Directors: Megan Snelten, Mary Sniezek
Designers: Ashton Dewey, Liz Knochelmann, Nicole Strubing, Chloe Hubler, Jake Crawford, Kelly Reeve, Kylie Dressman, Rhiannon Rosas, Jessie Brown, Evan Brown

Award: National Student Show, 2017

Perspectives and Illusions

Design Week 15

10,000 Hours

Work in Progress

Hardly Working


Educational experiences outside the Kansas classroom: study abroad, short courses in other cities, and city visits

A cross-disciplinary group of students working together over a weekend to Think Wrong on how to solve a problem. Professional advisors include John Bielenberg, Jamie Koval, Read Worth.

Kiosk Magazine︎︎︎

The award-winning Kiosk is managed, edited, and designed by KU students. Faculty Advisor. 

Ampersand workshop with Erik Marinovich