Becon Alley Skateboards.

How can a woven skateboard create local businesses in Alabama that build resilient, thriving communities?

During the 2014 winter break twelve University of Kansas Students spent two weeks in Greensboro, AL weaving, prototyping, and testing skateboards. During that time the Becon Alley Skateboard brand was born thanks to all the work by Alex Anderson and Claire Pedersen (now thriving professionals in Design)! The work continued throughout the spring where the final two designs were refined and a successful Kickstarter campaign was launched.

︎︎︎ Branding Presentation

Alex Anderson, Visual Communication Design
Brandon Clay, Industrial Design
Haley Fetters-Crouch, Industrial Design
Jay Livingston, Industrial Design
Chris Mehl, Photo Media
Jeff Miller, Industrial Design
Claire Pedersen, Visual Communication Design
Lyndall Robinson, Industrial Design
Ashley Shelton, Industrial Design
Taylor Stelter, Industrial Design
Yvonne Saenz, Photo Media
Austin Swick, Industrial Design
Associate Professor Andrea Herstowski
Professor Lance Rake

And a special thanks go Pam Dorr, John Bielenberg, Marshall Rake Public-Library, and the University of Kansas for all their support in making this project happen.

Engaged Scholarship
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