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Promotional Experience
Create a promotional experience featuring at least 5 "examples" from any of the exercises nclopdh, roman capitals, ampersand, roman capitals, personality, revival and/or final font. You don't need a full character set to show off a typeface. If you like it then use it. You can pick them from anything your classmates have done (credit them) or just your work.


Work on the promotional piece with 1 -2 other persons (I prefer that you work as a team to create the promotional piece but it is not required)

1) Create a promotional piece of any or all of the projects/exercises. It can be an overview of what we/you have done thoughout the semester. You can pick and choose.
2) You can focus on the final font.

Must be printed.
Think about printing on large sheets of nice paper. (we need to order it right away)
Newspaper Club
Think about the Riso.
Think about making a design that you can make a polymer plate and letterpress*
Think about cutting something out on the laser cutter*
Think about cutting something on the router. 4 ft by 8 ft is the max
If an online experience is must include animation (animated gifs are good)

* of course if you have another idea let me know.
**If printed: any page size but no smaller page than 8 x 10

Promotional Piece check-ins will be on Wednesdays be prepared to share with the class your progress.
Wed. April 19: final font + promotion
Wed. April 26: final font + promotion
Wed. May 3: final font + promotion

Final: TBD will be during Finals Week