Wednesday, November 29

Inclass and Homework
Class 04


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Nov 15 :: Nov 20 :: Nov 27 :: Nov 29 :: Dec 4 :: Dec 7 :: Due Wed. Dec 13 at 3:00pm

name of your book, your name University of Kansas, 2023

Add to the beginning or end of the book.
Designed by Your Name. Class project for Typographic Systems at the University of Kansas, 2023. The text was compiled from the following sources: Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst, Getting it Right with Type: the Do's and Don'ts of Typography by Victoria Square, Mac is Not A Typewriter by Robin Williams. This book is not to be sold to the public and to only be used by the designer for their reference and student design portfolio.

All the content below must be in your workbook. However you can organize it in any way you want. Each section can be a chapter or you can organize the content into groups and those become chapters.


01 rules check sheet
02 typographic rules

03 special characters
04 column width and hyphenation
05 hyphens and dashes  
06 quotes and apostrophes
07 kerning

08 figures and tabular tables
09 justification, letterspacing, word spacing
10 paragraph breaks

11 anatomy of type
12 typographic color
13 font classifications

07 kerning

Formatting Type Chapter
08 figures and tabular tables
09 justification, letterspacing, word spacing

Reference Chapter
13 font classification

BEFORE YOU LEAVE TODAY! Package your InDesign file I need your fonts, links (images), file... put it on the Google Drive and do not work on it until you get video feedback from me. If you want to work on it before I give you feedback DON’T :) DM me and I will look at it sooner than later.


Finish the chapters. Start looking at your book as a whole. How does the flow of information work, rhythm of the book. Are spreads becoming static? How can you use the content to create visual diagrams, call outs. Read the content. Call out content. Do no just make graphic design. Print 5 - 10 spreads for Monday so we can look at sizes etc.